Modelling of structures and behaviour laws

The modelling process uses tools such as finite elements to model the response of a mechanical system or material. Our field of expertise ranges from static to dynamic including thermomechanics.

The following are examples of simulations applied to tensile tests of a notched specimen. They are used for the identification of a ductile failure model or for a sheet metal clamping device.

Impact modelling with ductile tearing :

We use LS-DYNA software for mechanical simulations, with expertise in the following areas

Shaping calculations with anisotropy.

  • Identification of Johnson-Cook or MMC (Modified Mohr Coulomb) type rupture models, applied for example to the simulation of the perforation of sheet metalwood sandwiches and identification of hyper-elastic behaviour models, for example Ogden type for elastomers.
  • Crash calculations on structures.
  • Optimisation of mechanical parts via morphing or topological operations.
  • Calculation of composite structures.

Here are some examples of numerical calculations made with LSdyna on the modelling of shaping process, impact, and crash process on structures :

Calculation – structure

Calculation - forecast of rupture

Identification of behavioural models for very large deformations

Calculation - thermal expansion

Sizing a load cell

Topological optimisation of a jaw for shear tests

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