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Static, dynamic and impact material testing and digital simulation

The MATandSIM company headed by Arnaud Penin is based in France, precisely in Ploemeur near Lorient (56) in Brittany.

We are a mechanical engineering laboratory offering material testing system development, FEA modelling and test execution. Thanks to our long experience in the processing of tests, we offer the analysis of results about the characterisation of structures and materials in order to have, for example, the required material characteristics for modelling purposes or for the certification of your products.

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The research and engineering department offers its expertise in the development and manufacture of material testing system and the analysis of mechanical tests, from the simplest to the most complex, such as the role of the strain speed, the study of fracture or the anisotropy of materials. All these characterisations can be performed at cryogenic temperature up to 300°C.

We work in close partnership with the University of Southern Brittany based in Lorient.

We carry out our work for France and Europe (Belgium, Germany, Switzerland...)

Nouvelle essai sur éprouvette de Bulge
New test on a Bulge specimen

We have tested new material with a high yield strength of 1050 MPa. We achieved material rupture by applying a pressure of 200 bars to the specimen. The whole test was made the bulge test machine we designed and it was a great success.

The characteristics of the sample are the following:

·       Steel reference: HR1050

·       Thickness: 1mm

·       Yield stress: 1 050 MPa

Our next step is to perform a test with a yield strength material up to 1 500 MPa.


Development and Manufacturing of a new material testing system, a symmetrical traction machine.

Here is our new conception, a small tabletop machine that allows a specimen to be tested symmetrically with a capacity of 15kN for industrial or research purpose. The symmetric function keeps the centre of the specimen fixed to facilitate the digital image correlation. The software is coded in python, which allows the machine to be tailored to any request.

Design and manufacture of a new material testing system, the sealing bench

Our team realized a new design of material testing system, a machine controlling the airtightness of a box placed in a hermetic case. This material testing system is equipped with a pressure sensor allowing to carry out measurements of airtightness on boxes like black boxes. This bench is easy to use and can be automated to simplify serial tests thanks to its software coded in Python.

MATandSIM at the IDDRG exhibition

The MATandSIM team was honoured to attend the 41st edition of the IDDRG (International Deep Drawing Research Group) which took place from June 6 to 10, 2002 at the University of Southern Brittany based in Lorient. This one week meeting brings together engineers from all over the world to discuss various subjects, from the technical aspects of sheet metal forming to the thermomechanical behaviour of materials, formability, numerical simulation, process reliability, etc.

Shape optimization of a shear jaw

Our team performed a topological optimization of a climbing jaw for a mechanical test specimen.

A solution realized with LS-TaSC and LS-DYNA

Stick-Slip System

Our team introduces a new test bench designed to perform sound tests on rubber, with or without pressure loading, at regulated speed and with or without water.

During the test, the tested materials are subjected to a compression at their edges on the moving part of the machine, generating or not the stick-slip phenomenon. The sound generated is recorded by a microphone and then processed by a software program.

MATandSIM in 2023

After 3 years of work MATandSIM has grown up.

In 2020 MATandSIM was composed of only one member Arnaud Penin, today it has grown and has about ten members. MATandSIM has been able to develop during these 3 years in terms of expertise, variety of skills and turnover. Today we want to thank all the members who have contributed to this development, because each one of them has contributed to the building that is MATandSIM today!

It is also a special day for one of our team members who is leaving us for the landscapes of Latin America. We want to thank Gaël Ogès for the work he has done within MATandSIM. He has been a pillar of the company and has been able to accompany the new collaborators over the years in the company. We would like to thank Gaël Ogès very much and wish him all the best for the adventure he is about to embark on. 

Development of material testing system

Instrumentation and Mechanical test

Structural calculation, Simulation, and modelling

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Excellence in the field of mechanical engineering, in the analysis of material behaviour (forming and breaking), mechanical testing of structures and FEA ("finite element analysis")

Calculation, simulation, and conception at fixed price with LS Dyna and Solidworks softwares

Thermomechanical testing from cryogenics to high temperatures

Technical support and training in the field of experimental and digital techniques

Full control of the chain, from testing to analysis for modelling (reverse engineering method)

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